Residents Urged to Register for ReadyNotify Alert System

In light of the recent water issue, where a portion of the community was under a boil alert that has since been canceled, we want to remind residents that it is so important to sign up to receive county and community notifications, specific to your area, by cell, landline and/or email. This ensures that you stay up to date on any such alert or emergency. Our area utilizes ReadyNotify, powered by CodeRED, which you can register for at

Not only can you sign up to receive texts and email alerts, but you can also register to receive messages on your cell, home landline and work phone lines. A mobile app is also available. Residents who were signed up in the past are asked to re-register to ensure their information is current and that they have access to certain updated features and community-specific announcements.

Notifications that you can expect to receive are those pertaining to emergency events, Cuyahoga County government news and building closures, water boil alerts, safety messages, weather alerts and other information.

What type of information is required to register? Participating in the ReadyNotify Program is voluntary. A valid email address and phone number will be needed to sign-up. The contact information collected is secure and only used for the purpose for which it was provided. Again, for more information or to register, visit: