Current Construction Projects

Bennett Road Pathway and State Road Sidewalk projects
The City is performing the design of an asphalt pathway on Bennett Road between South Akins Road and Valley Parkway to connect the all-purpose path on Valley Parkway to the existing pathway at South Akins Road, on the west side of the roadway. We are also performing the design of a 5-feet wide concrete sidewalk on State Road from City Hall to Akins Road, on the west side of the roadway. These projects are being funded by ODOT from a Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI) grant.

These projects will be publicly bid and administered by ODOT. The Bennett Road project will be built in calendar year 2023, while the State Road project will be bid in August 2021 and construction complete by December 2021.

Ridge Road Resurfacing from Royalton Road to North Corp. Line
The City, in partnership with ODOT, is preparing plans to resurface Ridge Road in 2022. ODOT will be providing 80 percent of the construction costs under the Urban Paving Program administered by ODOT.

York Road Resurfacing between W. Wallings and Sprague Roads
The City, in partnership with NOACA, is preparing plans to resurface York Road in 2023. ODOT will be providing 80 percent of the construction costs under the Transportation Improvement Program administered by ODOT.

Boston Road Resurfacing between W. 130th Street and Ridge
The City, in partnership with Medina County, recently resurfaced Boston Road. Construction was completed in July 2021.

Sprague Road Reconstruction and Widening from W. 130th to York
This Cuyahoga County Project includes the grading, drainage and paving along with the widening of 1.21 miles of Sprague Road. The project will include the installation of curbing, underdrain, closed drainage system, concrete walk, ADA curb ramps, culvert replacement, water main replacement, sanitary pump station replacement, sanitary sewer and other associated improvements.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2021 and be complete in the summer of 2023.

State Road Widening
As part of the new Elementary School Project, State Road is being widened from the new school to north of the intersection of Valley Parkway. Construction is scheduled to be complete in July 2021. There is a detour route for southbound traffic.

HOA Basin Maintenance
As a reminder, if your Homeowner's Association is responsible for a stormwater basin, please provide regular maintenance. The dredging of these basins is critical for their performance and the reduction of local flooding.