Snow Removal

The City of North Royalton Service Department is responsible for maintaining over 270-lane miles of roadway. In the winter season (December through March), the Service Department operates a three-shift schedule to ensure prompt response to changing weather conditions.

During a snow event, plowing and salting primary main roads, hills and curves are given top priority. Secondary main roads and subdivisions are cleared once all the critical areas are completed. Depending on the severity of the snow event, our City is sectioned into 4, 5 or 6 truck routes using main roads as divisional boundaries. The Service Department is committed to keeping our roads as safe as possible, but no guarantee can be given that the roads will be completely clear of snow and ice.

Cul-de-sac plowing is generally performed as the last function of snow removal and is plowed using pick-up trucks. North Royalton has over 230 cul-de-sacs, which are divided into 6 routes.

Residents can help out by remembering the following:

When you see a plow truck, give the truck some room to work. Don’t assume plow drivers see you. Their field of vision is limited. Please don’t tailgate, stay about 4-car lengths behind the truck and try not to pass them. If you must pass, never pass on the right, take extreme caution and beware of the snow cloud.

Do not park vehicles in the street or cul-de-sac during snow events. This allows the plow trucks to properly clear snow from the roads.

Do not shovel, plow, or push snow into the road or across the road. Residents and private contractors should be aware of City Ordinance 660.15 (a). This section of the code states, “No person, company, contractor, or private snow removal company or entity while in the process of snow plowing or removal shall deposit or cause to be deposited any snow and/or ice that would obstruct, hinder, block or cause injury to any public or private road, sidewalk, driveway, fire hydrant, or to the landscaping of any property. All snow from any premises shall be deposited onto the same premises from which it was moved, plowed or removed.” Any individuals who do could be subject to citation.

Picture showing suggested placement for mailbox and suggested placement of snow when shoveling your drivewayRemember, we cannot prevent snow from being pushed into your driveway apron. To help minimize the amount of snow deposited in your driveway, it is recommended as much snow as possible be placed on the side of your driveway away from the direction of the snow plow (the right side when looking at your house when standing at the street) and make a pocket on the left side of your driveway. In so doing, snow accumulation on the plow will drop into that pocket and the potential for large quantities of snow being deposited into your driveway apron is reduced.

Please make an effort to keep your sidewalks free of snow. Keep in mind children walking to and from school or waiting for school buses, need to be able to use the sidewalks. Be neighborly! Volunteer to shovel snow for elderly and disable residents who can't clear their walks.

All private snow plow operators need to register with the North Royalton Building Department if they are removing snow on property other than what they own or occupy.

Snowplow Damaged Mailbox
Generally, our snow plows do not hit mailboxes, however, the weight and force of the snow coming off our plows can damage or knock down a mailbox. We recommend residents inspect their mailbox prior to winter season to make sure it is structurally sound. Make sure all screws, nails, bolts are secure, post is in good condition and securely in the ground.

The City will repair mailboxes if damaged by City snow plow operations. If your mailbox is damaged by City snow plowing, contact the Service Department at 440-582-3002.

The Service Department will come out as soon as possible to repair or replace mailboxes. If minor damage has occurred, we will repair your current mailbox. If your mailbox and/or post needs to be completely replaced, the City will install either a standard metal mailbox and/or wood post or a Step2 mailbox. We do not have a reimbursement program.

Please note: at times we may leave you a temporary mailbox so that you can continue to receive mail service until we can repair or replace your mailbox.

Snowplow Damaged Tree Lawn
If your tree lawn has been damaged by city snow plows, please call the Service Department at 440-582-3002. Repairs will begin in early spring or when weather permits.