Mailbox Repairs

generic mailboxGenerally, our snow plows do not hit mailboxes, however, the weight and force of the snow coming off our plows can damage or knock down a mailbox. We recommend residents inspect their mailbox prior to winter season to make sure it is structurally sound. Make sure all screws, nails, bolts are secure, post is in good condition and securely in the ground.

The City will repair mailboxes, if damaged by City snow plow operations. If your mailbox is damaged by City snow plowing, contact the Service Department at 440-582-3002.

The Service Department will come out as soon as possible to repair or replace mailboxes. If minor damage has occurred, we will repair your current mailbox. If your mailbox and/or post needs to be completely replaced the City will install either a standard metal mailbox and/or wood post or a Step2 mailbox. We do not have a reimbursement program.

Please note: at times we may leave you a temporary mailbox so that you can continue to receive mail service until we can repair or replace your mailbox.