Fireworks are Banned in North Royalton

Although Ohio passed a law in 2021 that allows for the legal discharge of fireworks on certain holidays, North Royalton City Council voted in 2022 to express home rule and opt out of House Bill 172 with passage of Ordinance 22-61. This City ordinance reaffirmed the existing ban on discharging, igniting or exploding fireworks as set forth in Section 672.10 of the Codified Ordinances. So, the discharge of fireworks is not allowed in the City unless it is conducted by a licensed contractor with a permit. This decision was made as the discharge, ignition and/or exploding of fireworks poses significant danger to the public and will cause injuries as well as property damage, especially in densely populated residential areas. Prohibited fireworks include bottle rockets, cherry bombs, firecracker M-80s, M-100s, Roman candles and aerial salutes. Sparklers and smoke bomb novelties are permitted. The general rule of thumb is that most anything that can be purchased at a drug store or grocery store is allowed. However, though these are viewed as being much safer, they do require adult supervision.