Please Keep Sidewalks Clear of Snow

After a snow fall, one question we often hear is, “whose responsibility is it to clear the sidewalks?” We want to gently remind everyone that it is the responsibility of the individual property owner or occupant to keep the sidewalks in front of their property or business clear of ice, snow or other obstructions. The intent is to protect pedestrians, and our youngest residents making the trek to school or their bus stop. Also, please know that removing snow or ice and putting it in a public sidewalk or roadway is not allowed. When pushing snow, it is to remain on that resident or business owner’s property. We ask that residents and businesses remind their snow plow contractors of this, if applicable. Old Man Winter’s antics can be tough to keep up with at times, but please try to do your best to keep your walkways clear of snow and ice for the safety of those out on foot.