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Public Safety

General Information

 Mayor Larry Antoskiewicz
Director of Public Safety

440-582-6334 Fax

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One of the many reasons people choose to live in the City of North Royalton is the outstanding emergency services offered through the Department of Public Safety.  The Mayor and City Council in the City of North Royalton place a high priority on the safety of its residents, visitors and businesses within the community.  The Director of Public Safety is responsible for ensuring that the various divisions within Public Safety offer the highest level of service possible.  The Department of Public Safety is comprised of the Police Department, a full service Correction Facility, Animal Control, a Fire Department with an Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Service as well as a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) that is made up of citizen volunteers.  These Divisions within Public Safety offer a wide array of services to the community.  Please visit their links to see the variety of service that are offered.

Prescription Drug Drop Box

Prescription medications that are no longer needed or are expired should not be left to languish in the home medicine cabinet that can create the potential for misuse or abuse.  Prescription medications should never be disposed of in regular trash or by flushing them down the toilet.  The North Royalton Police Department has a prescription drug drop box that is located in the lobby of the Police Department.  This allows residents a safe and proper manner to dispose of medications without having to complete any documentation.  Medications can be dropped off 24 hours a day in the Police Department lobby.  Medications that are accepted are prescription and over the counter pills and patches.  Prohibited items include any needles, liquids, or bio-hazard material.  Medications can be dropped off in their prescription container with the label removed or in a sealed plastic bag.


Solicitors Permits

Per the North Royalton Code of Ordinances Chapter 862 no peddler or solicitor shall peddle of solicit within the City, unless he or she is the holder of a valid license issued pursuant to this chapter or unless he or she possesses a valid solicitors identification card previously issued pursuant to these Codified Ordinances.  Solicitor’s permits must be obtained through the Police Department.  For information on how to obtain a solicitor permit contact 440-582-6216

Do Not Knock Registry

Do Not KnockIn response to resident’s concerns The City of North Royalton developed a “Do Not Knock Registry” for residents that do not want to be approached at their homes by solicitors or peddlers.  Residents can sign up in the registry by clicking on the link and completing the registration form.  Residents without a computer can pick up a registration form at City Hall or the Police Department.  If a resident is registered in the “Do Not Knock Registry” and a solicitor or peddler approaches their home they should immediately report this activity to the Police Department Non-Emergency number at 440-237-8686.  Static Cling signs that can be affixed to front doors that state NO PEDDLERS ALLOWED, NO SOLICITIORS ALLOWED, can be obtained for free at City Hall or the Police Station.  For questions regarding the “Do Not Knock Registry” contact the office of the Mayor / Director of Public Safety at 440-237-5686