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Fawns and Baby Animals

If you find a fawn that looks like the one pictured; It's perfectly fine. The fawn doesn't need your help. Mom is usually nearby and caring for the fawn. Deer do not stay with their young when first born. The newborn fawns are not strong enough to keep up with mom, so the fawns natural instinct is to stay curled up, motionless as possible, so as not to attract predators. Mom will come feed the fawn when it is quiet, and in a few days, the fawn with stay with mom more and more.

If you find any animal that you believe needs help. Please call Animal Control before you take action. A wild animals best chance for survival, is with it's mother. Many well intentioned people take animals away from their mother, thinking they are abandoned.

Please drive carefully. Especially at dusk, dawn and night, when many animals are active. Watch for illuminated eyes near the side of the roadway at night. Animals at the side of the road will usually cross as a car approaches. Paying close attention while driving will help stop unnecessary animal deaths and damage to your vehicle.